68 Best Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 Top Designer Bathrooms

68 Best Bathroom Design Ideas 2024 Top Designer Bathrooms

Bathroom Idea

When lighting is part of bathroom mirrors or vanities, the pieces appear to glow. “This innovative use of lighting not only enhances the visual appeal, but also transforms the ambiance of the space,” says Adducci, adding that there’s a growing presence for a cohesive aesthetic. “Believe it or not, we’ve added a beverage station to the majority of our primary bathroom designs,” says Bianca Ecklund.

The blue hue of the cupboards and the additional lighting in the shower give the space an air of sophistication, befitting a high-end hotel. Mantis Design + Build, LLC, this master bathroom features a rain shower head and cloud ceiling accents for a spa-like experience every time you hop in the shower. This hardwood bathroom has a glass skylight, creating a natural and restful environment.

Install floor-to-ceiling windows

Use pastels rather than primary colors, and incorporate dimmable lighting to create ambiance. Paint and a dimmer are simple updates you can make to any bathroom. If you’re looking at a bathroom renovation, think about adding heated floors for a truly luxurious environment. Oak cabinets work great in a rustic style bathroom, along with other natural materials. Alternatively, they can be used in a clean and modern setting to create a beautifully distinct feature.

  • If you’re a houseplant lover, don’t leave your loo out from all the botanical fun.
  • If you like the idea of adding patterns to your bathroom, but you want something a bit more subtle, then try a herringbone floor pattern.
  • This bathroom has the perfect ledge to display multiple indoor plants.
  • Opt for sleek faucets, minimalist showerheads, and wall-mounted type of toilets for a streamlined look.

Shapely sconces, exposed pipework, and artwork are all reflective of the exciting scene. This refined family home’s bathroom received the couture treatment, with the upper walls covered in Giverny Mandolin fabric. Say yes to yellow–not just in paintwork and tiles, but in coated fixtures and fittings too. A lambrequin arch and Moroccan style pendant lights conjure a striking space.

Green Envy

If your bathroom doesn’t have a ton of direct sunlight, you can still incorporate houseplants to help bring a spa-like feel to the space. A plant like lucky bamboo is easy to care for and adds a soothing aesthetic when paired with other simple decor items. Even though the flower detail on this bathtub wall looks expensive and difficult to do, these plaster flowers are actually a fairly budget-friendly upgrade that completely transforms the bathroom. The flower design draws the eye up to help the space feel larger, and the monochromatic color scheme gives the bathroom a high-end look. This bathroom design by Morse Design proves that mixing patterns can be done stylishly.

  • Take note from Living With Lolo and fill the surfaces with houseplants, artwork and playful knick-knacks.
  • According to Demorrow, refreshing your lighting can be one of the easiest ways to add visual interest without taking up any space at all.
  • Natural materials always give a feeling of calm and relaxation, and rustic design is not an exception to making your bathroom a sanctuary.
  • Luxury washroom design ideas don’t always need to go over the top with extravagance.

The room has very subtle pink walls in combination with classic black and white tiles. Along with geometric motifs and linear decors, Art Deco designs frequently used exotic materials, often with polished, decadent, high-shine finishes. Wood was incredibly polished, provided a luxurious lacquer surface, and was frequently finished with metallic touches in chrome or brass. Each piece within an Art Deco interior features a strong presence and an impactful design; it is a bold and robust overall look. Deco style comes with no hint of romance or softness, so stay away from a plaid or floral patterns in profound favor of geometric patterns or block colors. If one trend can transform a space, it is none other than one of the decade’s most iconic and recognizable interior design styles, Art Deco.

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