Wine Cooler Versus a Refrigerator

Wine Cooler Versus a Refrigerator

The function of a wine cooler and a refrigerator is to essentially keep things fresh and cool while stored inside of the unit; however, these cooling units are each made for specific reasons, but due to their cooling nature, many people blur the lines and most times store their wine in a regular refrigerator. People do not realise that wine needs to be held in very particular conditions and in a normal refrigerator; although it cools the wine, it has conditions much harsher than a wine cooler, thus spoiling your wine rather than preserving it. Furthermore, instead of damaging your wine further, Bodega43 has a small wine cooler fridge that suits your every need, ultimately giving your wine the best storage conditions needed for optimal taste and quality. 

The better option 

If you are a regular wine drinker, you would know that temperature is of utmost importance when it comes to the quality and taste; thus, having a small wine cooler would be the best option for you as you are now able to store multiple bottles at a time while ensuring that they are chilled to the correct temperature while still being held in the proper conditions which would prevent the wine from prematurely going bad. However, it is found that many people store their wine in a regular refrigerator out of convenience, which is ultimately bad for your wine as a standard refrigerator is much colder than a cooler and dries out the cork, making your wine susceptible to a range of odours and tastes of things surrounding your wine in the fridge. Furthermore, in contrast to a wine cooler, a regular refrigerator runs off a compressor motor which emits vibrations, ultimately affecting the wine’s longevity and, most importantly, the taste of the wine.

Purpose over preference 

When it comes to wine and how you drink it, this is most times based on your own personal preference; however, if you want the best out of your wine when it comes to taste and quality, then choice does not matter as wine is meant to be stored in very specific conditions. Yes, people keep their wine in a regular fridge, but this is because they don’t have a wine cooler. However, if you are serious about your wine, then a small wine cooler is the best for you as it is affordable and just as convenient as a regular refrigerator. Ultimately, your wine will thank you, and you will realise that you made the best choice possible. 

Wine and dine 

Now that it has been established that a wine cooler, even the smallest wine cooler, is better for your wine compared to that of a regular refrigerator; you can have peace of mind that your wine will always be chilled to perfection and have the best possible taste and quality every time you decide to have a glass. In addition, with a wine cooler, you are able to store multiple bottles at one time, making sure that you have a couple of options available on hand every single time, especially when you find yourself entertaining guests. Furthermore, do right by your wine and purchase a small wine cooler; you will have no regrets. 

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