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500+ Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas,Images & Inspiration in 2024

500+ Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas,Images & Inspiration in 2024

Bathroom Idea

Geometric accents work great for a contemporary bathroom theme and can be featured on flooring, through furnishings, or as minute details. In this black and white contemporary bathroom, patterned floor tiles grab attention while a sleek circular mirror on the wall helps offset all the hard edges. This door features a classic Z-brace design, often seen in rustic cottage styles, with its rich natural wood tones offering a warm, earthy feel to the bathroom entrance. The traditional iron hardware, including a thumb latch and strap hinges, adds to the authentic charm.

  • The infinity effect works well in a modern, minimalist environment, such as this bathroom designed by Kristin Fine.
  • It is not only the perfect getaway spot for some relaxing alone time, but also adds to your home value and compliments the overall aesthetic of your house.
  • A 1920s bathroom probably looked like a bathroom from 1907; utilitarian and sanitary with white tile and paint, a pedestal or wall-hung sink and clawfoot tub, exposed plumbing, and nickel finishes.
  • Place it above a tile trim or wainscoting for a statement-making splash.

This is a simple bathroom that is strategically placed near a small outdoor garden. The large windows in the bathroom allows the user to get a view of the garden, creating a natural and relaxing atmosphere. The recessed bathtub is placed on the center of the bathroom on an elevated platform, and framed with wood finish PVC. There are high cabinets in solid white laminates on the side, while the floors are covered in large veined white tiles.

Black Vanity with White Square Backsplash Tile

Add a wild color while upcycling a kids toy with this dinosaur toilet roll holder. The idea is to use a large-scale print to visually reduce the size of a large bathroom and cut it … Read the rest

500+ Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas,Images & Inspiration in 2024

500+ Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas,Images & Inspiration in 2024

Bathroom Designs

Is your bathroom feeling tired and dated, but the idea of a complete reno is too daunting or too expensive? Rest assured, it is possible to revive your bathroom and bring it into the 21st century without breaking the bank or spending weeks washing at the neighbours. Hotel Lux bathroom is your personalised wellness sanctuary featuring stunning finishes and state-of-the-art technology. With its beautiful natural timber finishes, every detail of a Hotel Lux bathroom invites you to relax and enjoy your home like never before.

Bathroom Designs

Polished marble countertops have a dramatic impact against white cabinetry. Tiny mosaic tiles of different colors and sizes cover the walls, while on the floor, hexagon tiles create another interesting pattern. The use of white helps to break up the space and give the eye a break from all of the tile work. Carrara marble tiles dress up the vanity wall as well as the inside of the glass-enclosed shower. A cool gray paint color was inspired by the mix of contemporary bathroom tiles and helps the white accessories stand out. Features such as a vessel sink, simple soaking tub, and floating vanity help this marble bathroom have a modern air.

Add a Walk-in Shower

But cheerful, colorful botanical wallpaper in shades of green, blue, and orange distract the eye and turns the small room into a feature instead. Filizola suggests reducing the number of cabinets and furniture in your bathroom and keeping essential storage pieces off the floor by using floating cabinets or wall-hung linen towers. “With a more exposed floor, more light will reflect from it, making the whole space appear bigger,” she says. While the software allows you to create different types of diagrams and visuals, it falls short in providing numerous bathroom components or extensive customization options specific to bathroom design.… Read the rest

Interior design

Interior design

On the threshold between residential and commercial precincts, a concrete building was designed as a link between the two – sensitive to each and with an undeniable character of its own. We chat to AAPi Design, a Fiji-based architecture firm, about the development of tropical modern resort architecture in the Fijian islands. Not quite a pool and not quite a spa, the Stoked Stainless Plunge Spa strikes a perfect balance between the two with a piece that embraces the art of relaxation outdoors. Drawing on eight distinctive New Zealand landscapes, each reminiscent of a particular era in our colour evolution between 1830 and 1930, a new collection from Dulux is designed to turn a fresh lens on heritage renovations.

  • With modern home design you gain access to all sorts of really cool options that more traditional home styles don’t even consider.
  • It also uses a news ticker for displaying headlines in a captivating manner.
  • More than two decades ago when I started my design business, clients never asked to include dog washes or pet stations in their floor plans.
  • This is an example of a mid-sized modern two-storey brick house exterior in Canberra – Queanbeyan with a gable roof, a metal roof and a grey roof.

They also providenumerous health benefits, such as improving air quality and reducing stress. As such, you want to grow a few indoors to reap all the advantages. It is best to choose plants of different sizes, textures, and shapes for your minimalist design. Also, ensure the plants fit the room’s aesthetic and the amount of natural light. Then furnish – choose from thousands of brand-name and generic products in our large product library.

BLUR Workshop’s Scott Sickeler believes that shared experience and values can lead to architetural excellence

We particularly value that it provides … Read the rest

Interior Design Trends 2023: Experts Share Whats in This Year

Interior Design Trends 2023: Experts Share Whats in This Year

Thankfully, so many of these trends are incredibly easy to work into a space. And because they’re so livable, they have longevity behind them, and you won’t have to swap anything out in three months. Think dark woods, luxurious soft textures, and traditionally shaped furniture that can evolve through the decades with re-upholstery.

The users of this software may create models from treehouses to intricate energy-efficient buildings and everything else in between. SketchUp helps you create a rough sketch for a 3D model and beyond with great ease. SketchUp helps your design ideas in a way that appears that you are drawing by hand. It is more similar to a pencil than a 3D modeling software because it helps you to draw whatever you imagine.

Fresh Indoor Air and Healthy Materials: These Tiny Prefabs Pack In Passive House Principles

We have looked at some examples of house plans ranging from 500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft, and some of the traditional Indian styles such as old Indian house, south Indian house, portico designs, and nalukettu style. We have also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each house plan size and style. An old Indian house is a type of house that dates back to the pre-colonial era of India.

  • Designer Ron Mann added the poolside terrace and used a large fragment of a ceiba tree root as a curtain for the outdoor shower.
  • Your future home should not only be visually appealing; it should also be a functional space that allows you to cultivate the lifestyle and aesthetic you desire.
  • Attached townhomes and stacked flats have gained popularity due to the need for smaller square footage in dense sites, says Boriack.
  • Modern home featuring a flat real grass roof patio and wraparound pool with infinity edge.
  • Pursue your dreams
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HDB Kitchen Designs Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas in Singapore

HDB Kitchen Designs Modern Kitchen Interior Design Ideas in Singapore

Outdoor kitchens have turned out to be more detailed, adding extra components such as gas lines, sinks, and even dishwashers. Here’s an elegant design that integrates all these features in a small space. The outdoor kitchen ideas you can make your own will depend on your available space. Often, the best way to start is to have a kitchen cart that includes counter space and storage.

Kitchen Ideas

The drawers and cabinets are push-to-open, so the surfaces are completely flat with no hardware. Even the pour-over counters are kept a crisp white—with no veining—to maintain that minimalist feel. If your kitchen already errs on the minimalist side, it’s best to stick with simple silhouettes.

Include styled open shelving

For a more decorative element, choose a small sink with a decorative edge – this works especially well in small cottage kitchen ideas. If you have a small cupboard, alcove, or even an under-utilized corner, it can be transformed with small pantry ideas. Avoid using too many bright, contrasting colors in a small kitchen – it can overwhelm the space and instantly make the kitchen feel small and chaotic. Instead, choose colors in the same family for a seamless, aesthetically pleasing scheme.

  • Older kitchen layouts often feature a window cutout that almost creates the feeling of an open concept.
  • It’s where family and friends gather for meals, conversations, and memories.
  • The main design elements of a modern-style kitchen are the shape of the cabinetry, statement lighting, sleek flooring and very little clutter.

From glossy white cabinets to glossy white countertops or backsplashes, this design choice creates a clean and polished appearance. The reflective surfaces also help bounce light around, making your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. When it comes to seating in a modern kitchen, sleek counter stools are the way to go. … Read the rest