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Best kitchen design ideas inspiration gallery

Best kitchen design ideas inspiration gallery

Kitchen Ideas

Modular kitchens are customisable, easy to maintain, come with a variety of options for all types of budgets and are easy to install. Modular kitchens are budget-friendly, long-lasting, easy-to-use kitchens that can be customised to your preference. They are easy to install and can be dismantled and moved to new homes easily. Streamline your open shelving look by ditching the brackets all together.

  • Opt for integrated appliances, hidden range hoods, or cabinets with concealed handles.
  • Butcher block adds a natural element to all-white kitchens and is also budget-friendly.
  • Above all, it’s cost-effective, providing a great way to renovate your kitchen without the expense of replacing whole units.
  • Emilie Fournet Interiors added contrast to the white walls of this London kitchen with emerald green backsplash tiles and dark wood wraparound shelving that ties in the reclaimed wood ceiling.

One of the fastest ways to make your kitchen feel modern is to add sleek integrated lighting. Tina Ramchandani Creative lit the inside of this bank of built-in cabinetry with warm lighting that turns it into a feature when the doors are open. If you live in a midcentury modern home, modernize your kitchen in a way that respects the original architecture while updating it for current lifestyles.

Scandinavian design

Ensure the design follows the golden triangle rule to make the most of your small kitchen. Additionally, try to use loft and wall unit cabinets to improve storage space without compromising on your cooking and cleaning space. Bistro shelving made from glass and brass feels most at home in a kitchen with clean lines, especially when paired with classic subway tile and dark cabinetry. Channel French bistro culture by filling the shelves with aged copper and your favorite antique oil paintings, and add a dose of country charm with worn cutting boards.

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Bathroom Designs, Ideas, Inspiration, Gallery, Tips & Trends

Bathroom Designs, Ideas, Inspiration, Gallery, Tips & Trends

Bathroom Designs

“Matching patterns ensure the room has few visual interruptions, creating an expansive feel,” Ivo explains. Add warmth to your small bathroom with this gorgeous, relaxed shade. This will also make your small bathroom appear lighter and more airy, thanks to the material being clear. Choose two metals, a cool and warm tone, and replicate them throughout the bathroom. If you would like more details on the top essentials every bathroom needs, dive deeper in this article. To further enhance the vintage aesthetic, consider incorporating vintage-inspired artwork or accessories.

  • A combination of open and closed storage offers a place to store and display stacks of towels, art, and objects, while plenty of cupboard space and drawers hide clutter.
  • Bathtubs come in different styles, including freestanding, alcove, and corner tubs.
  • Erin Williamson Design chose an octagonal shower window that brings light into the modern space decorated with white subway tile walls, patterned tile floors, black plumbing fixtures, and a walnut vanity.
  • There is a long rectangular washbasin with drawers to place all your bathing needs.
  • A bathroom renovation can be a stressful exercise and many of our clients don’t have the time or expertise to manage all of the different aspects of the project.
  • High-quality, natural materials like stone, wood, and limewash paint are frequently used in contemporary bathrooms.

Add a plant or two and create a bathroom that is both pretty and functional. The wooden sink never fails in giving an additional charm to your bathroom and it comes in different varieties. This Indian washroom design helps in adding functionality to your bathroom space, especially when combined with concrete walls.

IKEA Hack: 2 Cheap IKEA Dressers Create One Stunning 6-Drawer Chest-of-Drawers

By providing more space, they help avoid those clumsy moments and make showering easier. No more banging elbows into the … Read the rest

Explore A Gallery Of Inspiring Kitchen Designs

Explore A Gallery Of Inspiring Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Ideas

With white, marble and timber accents, the kitchen in this harbourside house brings heart to the home. A butler’s pantry is concealed behind an arched VJ-panel doorway and lined with Moroccan wall tiles in Snow from Surface Gallery. While it’s possible to create an attractive kitchen design with gleaming finishes and top-line appliances, what truly makes a kitchen great is a point of difference. Adding an element of dark to an otherwise white kitchen makes it more interesting and gives it a modern touch that elevates it above a classic kitchen.

  • In a small kitchen, add extra storage with a repurposed bookcase or a versatile kitchen cart.
  • The couple brought the kitchen into the modern era by removing soffits, upper cabinets, and asbestos-contaminated linoleum floors.
  • A full block of kitchen wall cabinetry can make a small kitchen feel cramped, but if you really need that storage, mix in some glass fronted cabinets to break up the row.
  • If installing new flooring isn’t currently in the cards, you can give your hardwoods a second life by painting them white.
  • She stripped out the old cabinets for simple Shaker-style versions, added a new island with a sink and dishwasher, and painted the floors.

Breaking up a space with open shelving is a great solution and can make an eye catching design feature if styled with pretty crockery and glassware. If you don’t have the room to hang a large pendant light or if it’s not the most practical option, think about using wall lights to create some interest instead. To create a harmonious transition to the rest of the home, the walls and even ceilings in the adjacent dining area were also clad in oak. Jasmine Lam keeps the kitchen of her London pied-à-terre stocked with water for guests.

Or… add interest

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Kitchen Design Ideas and Photos Gallery

Kitchen Design Ideas and Photos Gallery

An island on casters allows for additional surface space and can be moved if needed. The kitchen flows into the dining area with a built-in banquette that features hidden bonus storage. ‘We will see more rounded shapes adding elegant and beautiful corners to the kitchen. Softer forms are alluring and appealing because they exude luxury and sophistication. They are also more ergonomic and feel more natural to use, whilst aesthetically every view is taken care of, rather than creating abrupt stops,’ says Emma Cowburn, kitchen designer, Harvey Jones. If you are after kitchen ideas that are never going to date, a Shaker design is just that.

  • Maximizing natural light is the key to designing a contemporary kitchen that fits this new-found requirement.
  • As far as we’re concerned, there’s no such thing as too much marble.PURE Designseems to agree.
  • As well as adding interest, this works in softening the overall look.
  • The elegant elements create a polished look while keeping in line with the overall theme.
  • This layout is very suitable for applying to small houses, apartments, lofts and condos.

The most important consideration when choosing a style for your kitchen is to decide whether you are going to stay for a long term or renovate to sell. This will determine your budget and may affect your cabinet, flooring, colour, finish, and appliances choices too. Explore our kitchen design inspiration and ideas by style, colour, shape or size.

Choose a classic all white kitchen that’ll never date

Light countertops and a glossy white paint job let sunshine into the room, but it’s the gleaming gold hardware and accents that really make this small kitchen a winner. Stick with solids when it comes to color, material, and design in a contemporary-style kitchen. Extend upper cabinets to the ceiling, add interest with a … Read the rest

Bathroom Designs, Ideas, Inspiration, Gallery, Tips & Trends

Bathroom Designs, Ideas, Inspiration, Gallery, Tips & Trends

Bathroom Designs

If you love taking a long soak, you’ll want to invest in a tub for the bathroom—but not just any type. Opt for a clawfoot bathtub or another similar style, and transport yourself back in time as you relax. Maybe you’re inclined to weave a bit of color into the bathroom, in which case, a sizable vintage Turkish rug makes for an excellent option. Use sconces to better regulate the lighting in your bathroom while contributing to the space’s sophistication.

  • ‘In any other room of our homes, artwork is always a finishing touch that we add to bring in color, personality, and a unique feel,’ says Lucy Searle, editor-in-chief of Homes & Gardens.
  • When it comes to bathroom design, space planning is a crucial first step.
  • Glass shower doors are sleeker than shower curtains and will give your space a modern look, like this corner shower from Leclair Decor.
  • Or you can save time, energy, and money by keeping your wooden floor and painting it with protective enamel.

This spectacular show of bling and baubles befits a glamorous and queenly personality. The centrepiece crystal spa-tub deserves all the attention it gets. Matching the mesmerising and stunning tub is a splendid crystal chandelier. Add style, texture and personality to your home with decorative tiles.

Design A Cozy Nook

Use concrete to add an industrial edge to your modern bathroom design. A concrete bathroom may sound like a harsh look, but introducing curvaceous furniture, warming wood tone and indoor plants will soften the look. Different woods can add texture and pattern to a minimal bathroom, creating the feeling of warmth. Consider using wood on a variety of surfaces, from countertops to flooring, or even walls. They’re a great alternative to tiles, wallpaper or paint and can add the wow-factor to your bathroom … Read the rest