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22 Timeless Bathroom Designs That Won’t Go Out of Style

22 Timeless Bathroom Designs That Won’t Go Out of Style

Bathroom Idea

In this bathroom by Noelle Ryan Interiors, a gorgeous patterned wallpaper steals the show up above. With blue, white and sand accents, there’s no doubt that this bathroom by Pure Salt Interiors was inspired by the beach. In order to keep it chic , focus on adding subtle beach elements with color, texture, and a few accessories. If you’re blessed with architectural features like wainscoting or high ceilings, embrace them in your design as Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona did here.

  • Glossy off-white tiles cover the floor and the sides of the bathtubs platform, while gorgeous green solid stone line the countertop and surround the bathtub.
  • To make your bathing area appear more sleek and minimalistic, opt for a half shower door.
  • For a modern bathroom with more traditional overtures, take note of this bathroom by interior designer Elizabeth Cooper.
  • In this primary bathroom from Desiree Burns Interiors, the double vanity has built-in shelving for spare towels, and niches and a built-in shelf around the tub to display artwork and house bath salts.

For a privacy solution that doesn’t block out natural light, add café curtains to the windows as designer Cecilia Casagrande did in this Massachusetts home. Skip clean lines in favor of something more decorative with a sculpted stone backsplash. Brexton Cole Interiors paired a curvy backsplash with illustrated wallpaper and an antique chandelier for a romantic feel. Studio Peake tucked a marble sink into a narrow niche in this glamorous London powder room. A wrap-around backsplash in the same stone protects the hand-painted palm print wallpaper.

Modern Black And Brown Glass Pedestal Sink

From the wood panel sloped ceiling to the rainbow of green zellige tiles, it fits right into the Southern California coast. Aside from being calming and stylish, the wall-to-wall green tile floor … Read the rest

50 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas and Designs Australian Renovation Ideas and Inspiration

50 Beautiful Bathroom Ideas and Designs Australian Renovation Ideas and Inspiration

Bathroom Designs

Our designers can transform a bathroom that may have been useful while your children were young but is no longer suited to your lifestyle. Eclectic style is a dominating style for 2024, and it’s seeping into bathroom trends, too. Mixing patterns, colors, and design styles create a personality-filled space that feels personal and collected. ‘One of the trends that I love right now is the use of trim and molding in bathrooms.

  • Although free standing tubs are not a new trend, as we have seen them starting to become more popular in the last couple years, but this year we’re predicting them to rise up!
  • Her work is featured in outlets including Apartment Therapy, Architectural Digest, MyDomaine, The Washington Post and The New York Times.
  • There are several quick and easy ways to give your dated bathroom a makeover.
  • It makes a statement without being showy, and can tie in other curvatures too.
  • An eye-catching metallic silver bateau-style tub brings comfort and style to this farmhouse bathroom from Becca Interiors.
  • Discover the latest bathroom design trends for 2022 – from jungle aesthetics to vintage vibes, we’ve got the lowdown on the freshest looks.

In this article, we will explore creative Zen bathroom decor ideas and share 40 inspirational photos to help you transform your bathroom into a tranquil and soothing space. This bathroom design element provides you with an elegant space where you can comfortable get ready for your day. Gentle pattern play can stand against dark countertops and tile in a decidedly modern way. Here a white tile acts as a bridge between the patterned wallpaper and solid features, creating cohesion that still lends an air of the unexpected. Angles, shapes, and surfaces can all work to deliver a decidedly modern feel, but sometimes nothing proves quite as transformative … Read the rest

49 Unique Modern Kitchen Designs In Nigeria

49 Unique Modern Kitchen Designs In Nigeria

Kitchen Design

The open shelves offer additional space to display trendy dishware and everyday kitchen essentials. Instead go for large windows, just as Ellen Hatton of BarnesVanze Architects does in this neutral kitchen. To contrast the green lower cabinets, home builders Forge & Bow go for white upper cabinets. The glass doors act as extra storage while putting a gorgeous glassware collection on display.

Kitchen Design

AnUpper East Side duplex’s simple kitchen sparkles with white Corian cabinetry and counters—a combo that will never go out of style. Architect Steven Harris and designer Lucien Rees Roberts created the clean-lined space. Open and spacious, with playful abstract tile flooring, this kitchen in Burbank, California, was designed by Hub of the House Studio. According to the founder Karen Harautuneian, the homeowner requested a functional footprint and a strong design statement. A generous use of both warm and cool colors, along with the bold terrazzo floor tile and concrete countertops, sets the tone.

Use wallpaper as a backsplash

These black cabinets look sleek from the outside, while the hinged cabinet door makes it easy to spot exactly what you’re looking for. Mary Patton Design lightened up a block of cabinets with frosted glass-front doors that offer a glimpse of the colorful glassware displayed inside. From the high-gloss green cabinets to the statement stone backsplash, this kitchen does not hide behind neutrals. Infuse a modern kitchen with character and charm by using a vintage farm table as an island — as Amy Sklar of Sklar Design does here.

  • It was my first time buying here and the people were so helpful and amazing at their work.
  • Our team of seasoned professionals provide expert design advice, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and that the end result is a kitchen that can be enjoyed for years to come.
  • This
Read the rest
Affordable Kitchen Designs In Johannesburg, South Africa High Quality Kitchens

Affordable Kitchen Designs In Johannesburg, South Africa High Quality Kitchens

Kitchen Design

The gas hob and hood are also black and set up against a white, subway tile backsplash. The flooring for this kitchen is a light, striated vinyl that is comfortable for standing on for long periods of time. The traditional brick and tile kitchen is given a modern facelift in this kitchen. It combines multiple materials in a cohesive, yet dramatic fashion a concrete cabinet frame, layered with tiles, and fronted by wood veneer doors.

  • The black and white patterned backsplash pulls the whole space together.
  • One of our favorite tricks for updating a kitchen in a flash is adding a bright pop of color to a neutral space.
  • Employclever kitchen organizationto give a sense of structure to open storage.

It has classic wooden storage overhead and base cabinets with a beautiful white marble countertop. The kitchen’s overhead section reveals a pristine pure white colour scheme that adds instant brightness to the kitchen area. The base kitchen wooden cabinets have a matte terracotta finish that imparts a soothing vibe to the place. The kitchen displays the style of the 1980s and ’90s with the twist of a modern breakfast counter, which adds more room.

Estimate the cost of your kitchen

Learn to work with the space you have by capitalizing on every corner and nook. If your actual kitchen is small, there may be a small crevice or awkward nook that can be reworked into additional kitchen space. This Southwestern-inspired color palette of terracotta red and forest green isn’t your usual kitchen color palette, but it works. This kitchen feels professional thanks to the industrial-inspired materials on the hood and backsplash. When you have high ceilings and a large footprint, you can afford to go big on the lights.

  • Things that make a kitchen luxurious include high-end appliances like custom
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Bathroom Designs, Ideas, Inspiration, Gallery, Tips & Trends

Bathroom Designs, Ideas, Inspiration, Gallery, Tips & Trends

Bathroom Designs

“Matching patterns ensure the room has few visual interruptions, creating an expansive feel,” Ivo explains. Add warmth to your small bathroom with this gorgeous, relaxed shade. This will also make your small bathroom appear lighter and more airy, thanks to the material being clear. Choose two metals, a cool and warm tone, and replicate them throughout the bathroom. If you would like more details on the top essentials every bathroom needs, dive deeper in this article. To further enhance the vintage aesthetic, consider incorporating vintage-inspired artwork or accessories.

  • A combination of open and closed storage offers a place to store and display stacks of towels, art, and objects, while plenty of cupboard space and drawers hide clutter.
  • Bathtubs come in different styles, including freestanding, alcove, and corner tubs.
  • Erin Williamson Design chose an octagonal shower window that brings light into the modern space decorated with white subway tile walls, patterned tile floors, black plumbing fixtures, and a walnut vanity.
  • There is a long rectangular washbasin with drawers to place all your bathing needs.
  • A bathroom renovation can be a stressful exercise and many of our clients don’t have the time or expertise to manage all of the different aspects of the project.
  • High-quality, natural materials like stone, wood, and limewash paint are frequently used in contemporary bathrooms.

Add a plant or two and create a bathroom that is both pretty and functional. The wooden sink never fails in giving an additional charm to your bathroom and it comes in different varieties. This Indian washroom design helps in adding functionality to your bathroom space, especially when combined with concrete walls.

IKEA Hack: 2 Cheap IKEA Dressers Create One Stunning 6-Drawer Chest-of-Drawers

By providing more space, they help avoid those clumsy moments and make showering easier. No more banging elbows into the … Read the rest