6 Functional Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

6 Functional Kitchen Design Trends for 2022

Kitchen Design

Moreover, you can find varied modular kitchen designs photos that work on your budget. So, choose that well suited your theme of the kitchen, style and pocket. The pendant lights are one of the essentials of modern kitchen designs. The big lights will beautifully provide accurate light on the table. Mostly the use of furniture is solved by in-built cabinets that blend well into the luxury modern kitchen design, where storage and seating needs are mostly met inherently.

  • In this kitchen by Cate Dunning, glossy tiles in a herringbone pattern contrast with the matte greige painted cabinets and the dark stone counters.
  • Strategically placed, small built-ins allow for extra storage in tucked-away spaces.
  • They also come in a range of arrangements, allowing homeowners to choose between different basin sizes and depths, as well as faucet placement and mounting type.
  • You might not typically think of your kitchen when you think of sconces, but trust us—it can work.

One idea that can easily be implemented in the kitchen of an HDB, BTO, or a condo is a bar-style kitchen. This kitchen style is easily achievable and does not require a big increase in your kitchen renovation budget. In this kitchen, you create a bar-style sitting along the kitchen island or peninsula while the rest of the kitchen is at one side. As can be seen in the following image, there is a kitchen peninsula on top of which is a hanging structure to place inverted glasses and other items just like in a bar.

Extra Large Kitchen

Copper tiles bring a warm glow and a unique metallic touch to your kitchen. They can be especially striking when paired with natural materials like wood or stone. Mosaic tiles allow for intricate patterns and designs, adding a unique artistic touch to your kitchen. Imagine a bohemian-style kitchen with a zellige tile backsplash in earthy tones, adding a rich texture and a touch of exotic allure to the space.

  • A cozy dining nook adjacent to your kitchen makes the entire space feel more social and welcoming.
  • With large drawers and cabinets that extend to the ceiling, you can tuck away all your kitchenware for a functional, uncluttered look.
  • Instead, opt for a rattan roman shade for a coverage that feels light and airy.
  • For layouts in open-concept living spaces, the challenge lies in seamlessly integrating the kitchen with the surrounding areas while maintaining a distinct identity.
  • Here, Lund added paneling and cabinetry around it, which tied into the cabinets on the other side of the space.

The Italian kitchen design style has enjoyed a consistent appeal among homeowners, especially in the United States where it aligns with the broader trend of cozy, family-centered spaces. While design trends are inherently subject to change, the Italian kitchen style is all about using timeless elements that embrace culinary tradition and social gatherings. The classic appeal makes it more than just a limited trend in the world of interior design and it appeals to multiple age groups and lifestyles. So, it’s fairly safe to say that the Italian kitchen can be both a nod to traditional design and a long-term commitment to a style that is likely to stick around for many years to come.

Try a Sunny Color Palette

Today, the term “modern kitchen” generally refers to a space that is updated, current, functional, and often open-concept. Think of light fixtures and cabinet hardware as the jewelry for your kitchen. These functional yet decorative accents are the final layer that can completely transform the room. Two sculptural pendant lights add a unique, artistic feature above this kitchen island, dressing up the space.

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